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 Graigin's Brief story

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PostSubject: Graigin's Brief story   Tue Jul 13, 2010 8:58 am

Greetings Guildmates, Lets begin the tale of Graigin "Greg" Treewalker. Graigin Hails originaly from the Artic expanses of a place known as Alaska. His travels from early childhood, his father served in the Army, finally ended in the woodlands he now hunts, known simple as Tennessee. Graigin served for several years as a warrior, following his fathers footsteps. Having had his share of adventure (or so he thought), he met and wed a local woman. While Graigin had thought his adventures over, he finds his soul longing for the thrill of the hunt, the feeling of excitement and ultimate triumph as he stands over a vanquished foe. Thus he has made his way here, to Eberon. Hoping to at long last find the challenges of the quests he has so long been missing.
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Graigin's Brief story
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