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 Guild Levels and Direction

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PostSubject: Guild Levels and Direction   Sun Jul 11, 2010 8:03 pm

Greetings Nomads,
Tis I the annoying one. In any event Let me say that as a whole I have found the Guild to be Cooperative and friendly. I am overjoyed by this. Our Current goals are as such, Gain 30 members, that goal is close at time of this post. Secondly would be to get the guild to level 20, which with the small player base is turnung into a chore but I have faith. At level 20 we can get our first airship which as i understand it will open up new quests (missions). Ok well thats all at this tiime. Good luck, May the Gods of Luck and Fortune smile upon you all.
In your Service,
Graigin Treewalker
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Guild Levels and Direction
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